1. Teams may comprise of any number of people, including a one-person "team".

  2. All team members must be registered UW-Madison students (graduates or undergraduates) who were registered in classes for either the Fall 2018 or Spring 2019 semesters. Students who graduated in December 2018 may participate.

  3. All team members must registered by the registration deadline. Register your team now.

  4. All team members registered must be present during the Demo Day and the Contest Day. Exceptions will be permitted on a case-by-case basis, and must be pre-approved by emailing the contest organizer Leslie Weissburg and receiving a confirmation.

  5. All teams must designate a "contact person" who will be the official representative for the team.

  6. Teams may submit a new application, or features added to an existing application. If a team is doing the latter, they must explicitly spell out in their presentation what changes they made so they can be judged only on those features.

  7. All team members share equally in the ownership of the project and the prize.


  1. For the Demo Day, teams must demo their applications and the software they have working. Judges may ask to directly use the software.


  1. Prizes will be distributed evenly among all team members. The contest administrators will not distribute winnings in another way. If a team wishes for some other distribution, it is up to the team to manage the money appropriately.

  2. All prize decisions are final and may not be appealed.

  3. Teams are responsible for paying any taxes that are potentially due on the prize money.


  1. Teams must realize that what they present to the contest judges becomes public knowledge. Judges will not sign, nor may be asked to sign, any non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). Teams are expected to demonstrate the software and let the judges use the product, but do not have to disclose any secrets of how the software is written.

  2. The Demo Day and the Contest Day presentations are public. Please take that into account if you are presenting ideas that you may want to patent.

  3. By participating in the contest, teams permit the University of Wisconsin Computer Science department to list their project on the website, as well as logos for future promotion of the contest.

  4. If you choose to spin off a company based on your NEST project, you do NOT have to give equity away in your company to the NEST sponsors or the organizers. The prize money is yours to keep.